Our mission

Association “Edu for you”

Our NGO aims to accomplish the challenges of the 21st century: young people better prepared for the labour market and interested in activities / training / development projects throughout life.

The intent is to become an active association focused on creativity and innovation, on expanding skills and experiences and the sharing of knowledge obtained in other circumstances.

The youth are involved in different activities and the association cooperate with other institutions and with the local community to demonstrate their talents. Our young people are interested in topics related to music, theatre, sport and participate in events that occur in the community. They are passionate about technology and work on various projects to develop digital literacy. They are very active in social media and they are open minded.

Due to the fact that we are a new association, we didn’t develop European projects, but two of the two of the members of the NGO coordinated European projects and developed activities in their schools. Personally, they have experience of the Erasmus+ projects.