Members of the Association “Edu for you”

Georgeta Gabriela Udrea

Is the manager of the European projects. She is a very competent and implicated English teacher who succeeds in developing good relationships with the young people. She is always concerned with improving her professional skills, as well as her human interrelations abilities. At the same time, she is a natural born leader, which makes her very efficient at coordinating her team. She also has evaluation and supervising responsibilities within the project.

Elena Cristina Popescu

Is the assistant manager of the present projects; she is a teacher with a double specialization: Romanian and English Literature, which makes her an important member of the project, due to her literary and linguistic skills. She is also a very creative person and therefore considerably helpful in coordinating the youth during all the activities. Due to her considerable experience, she is highly trained for public relations tasks.

Florin Udrea

Is the president of “Edu for You” Association. Taking into account his professional formation, he is qualified for the role of financial supervisor that he carries out within the project. He is a very rigorous person, highly professional and responsible concerning his duties. At the same time, he is always willing to maintain good relationships with the members of the association, the collaborators and the youth.

Eduard Popescu

Is the dissemination expert of our project. As he is a very sensitive person, he is always paying attention to the youngsters’ emotional and professional needs. Therefore he is an important support during the whole set of activities required by the project.